Sunday, October 24, 2010

Winter Fashion - Earmuffs and Scarves

Winter is just around the corner and it's about time to start thinking of what to buy as far as accessories go. Neary everybody has heard the saying that accessories can either make or break the outfit, and in winter, that's especially true. Not all the time does the coat make the outfit, but the earmuffs, scarves, or whatever else goes with it. Remember, you can look fashionable AND stay warm at the same time. How often do you admire the under-dressed girl shivering and chattering her teeth, no matter how fashionably dressed you are? Stick to these winter staples to stay fashionable and warm:

A good investment would definitely be in the peacoat, a timeless coat which never seems to get out of fashion. The peacoat also requires less accessorizing than usual, since the peacoat already has more buttons and pockets than a regular coat would have.

With or without a peacoat, accessorizing is vital to one's outfit. This can be done with a scarf, which can be tied in a multitude of ways around one's neck or head. One good option is buttoning your coat up with your scarf tied around your neck and the ends of the scarf tucked into your coat, with part of your scarf still showing. This is especially good if your coat is a neutral color, like most coats are, and your scarf is of a brighter color to bring some color to your outfit.

Faux-fur earmuffs and other accessories with faux-fur are also in this season, and quite easy to pull off. Not many people can pull off the bulky caps or other unflattering hats (that can end up ruining your hair) without making them look quite unflattering. This is where earmuffs come in, keeping your ears warm without smashing down your hair and looking pretty stylish at the same time. HINT: Look out for earmuffs, scarves, peacoats, and other coats with faux-fur trim to keep yourself looking stylish and warm this winter.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Barcelona Street Fashion and Spanish Mealtimes

I was just told by my parents that we will be traveling to Chicago for Christmas, mainly to see family but also because my parents were both raised there and they'd like me to see all the snow there during the winter (we don't get that much in Missouri). So since it's about twenty degrees colder than Missouri, as I've heard, I'll need to be on the look-out for heavier winter coats than I'm used to. But right now I'm so excited for the malls with multiple floors, since our small mall in my city is only one floor.
I've also been working in a project for Spanish III about different foods they eat in Espana. I found the recipe for Tarta de Cappuchino, and it actually turned out better than I thought it would. I'd definitely reccomend looking up the recipe if you like coffee cake.
By the way, I found another good video about Barcelona street fashion:

In addition to the recipe for my spanish class, I had to find some extra information about the food. For example, Spaniards would usually eat the coffee cake for breakfast, tea, or as a snack, since dessert is usually fruit. But other than that, since Tarta de Cappuchino isn't really a traditional food they may eat on holidays or other big events, there wasn't really a history that I could write about. So instead, I looked up the different meal times in Spain, which I found really interesting.
Breakfast (Desayuno) is 9 - 10am
Pre-lunch snack (Chateo) is 1 - 2:30pm
Lunch (Almuerzo) is 1:30 - 3pm
Tea (Merienda) is 6 - 7pm
Pre-dinner snack (Chateo) is 9 - 10:30pm
Dinner (Cena) is 10 - 12pm

Monday, October 11, 2010

Tokyo and Beijing Street Fashion

First things first, my outfit for the day:

Animal print tank top, a black tiered skirt, gray tights, and dark gray ankle boots.  Now, I know my blog is called EUROPEAN-style couture, but Asia is such a big influence on fashion as well because of all the millions of people that live there that I have to put in some Asian fashion every once and a while.

I don't know about you, but I sure like the Chinese fashion better than the Japanese fashion.  Both are really fashion-forward and modern, but the Japanese outfits are sometimes a little out-there, unless I'm the only one who has noticed that...? 

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Parisian Chic - Bomber/Jean Jackets

Just a little Parisian chic fashion video to satisfy your craving ;)

"Even if I'm not from Paris, I feel like I can be Parisian chic just by feeling inspired by magazines and fashion.  And on the streets of Paris, it's so inspiring you know, just looking at all the amazing fashion and how the girls dress here."

I completely, 100% agree!  I would like to feel like I am Parisian chic, even though the boring Midwest of the United States is FAR from Paris.  But one thing I would like to point out... A bunch of Parisians in this video were wearing leather bomber jackets (aka aviator jacket), including in the background just walking down the street.  According to Valerie Steele, director and chief curator of the museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City, bomber jackets are "chic and a little tough at the same time."
Which reminds me that I need one, especially since it's been on my mental shopping list for the past month or so.  Speaking of jackets, a new jean jacket would be nice too.  I saw a couple in the Parisian chic video as well, and my own jean jacket is getting kindof scruffy.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

My Outfit and Bubzbeauty Videos

My outfit of the day... I got the belt from Charlotte Russe and the shirt from a small shop in San Diego.  I've seen a lot of variations of a white tiered tank top though in stores like Forever 21.  As for the boots, which, again, you can't really see in the picture, I got them from Papaya:

I love these boots.  They're brown suede, and the heel is only about one and a half or two inches.  I'm not really one for wearing drastically high heels to high school, even though I like seeing them on other people. 
Now before I get on to the video I need to post, have you ever heard of Bubzbeauty on YouTube?  She is a gorgeous girl from somewhere in Ireland, judging by her accent, and she is a makeup guru.  Sometimes she posts hair tutorials, which I seem to like better than the makeup tutorials.  Anyway, in addition to being blindingly pretty, she also has a great fashion sense.  She's only made about five videos containing some normal outfits she would usually wear, but I still think they're fabulous. 
Next time you're on YouTube, look up Bubzbeauty and check out her tutorials.  By the way, the song in the second video is a piano-only version of Haru Haru by Big Bang, which is a popular Korean boyband which I just love, and the second song in the same video is a techno-only version of Nobody by the Wondergirls, whom I also love.  Now here's her two best fashion videos (I will post her other couple fashion videos later):